The Hydraulic Institute

"The Hydraulic Insitute (HI) has succeeded in launching an industry Supplier Finder as part of www.pumps.org that was built by Crescent Technologies. It has become the most popular feature of our web site. This is really sophisticated technology that was built for the Institute using standard tools - such as Allaire's ColdFusion, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access - that our staff can easily maintain.

Ease of maintenance is the beauty of the system. In fact, we have two administrative assistants on our staff that maintain our membership database in Access, and simply with the push of three buttons they update our web-based Supplier Finder while syncronizing both the web-based SQL Server database and the Access database in the office. This process ensures absolutely consistent records, in the office and on the web, while creating dynamic web pages on demand.

Our members love the new service...and literally thousands of users worldwide are finding it an invaluable tool for finding pump manufacturers over the internet. In fact, we have been able to build a sponsorship program around the Supplier Finder as a way of funding our overall web development budget. Crescent has been a pleasure to work with - and they have kept our costs down by using integrating more readily available technology solutions. Crescent understands associations and their unique needs."

Robert K. Asdal
Executive Director
Hydraulic Institute

International Recording media Association

"Crescent Technologies was integral in helping the International Recording Media Association (IRMA) achieve its current state of success. Since October 1997, we have received quality, timely and effective computer hardware and software services and solutions, including development and maintenance of the IRMA association management software system; development, maintenance, and hosting of the IRMA website, www.recordingmedia.org; online registrations and instant confirmation for IRMA meetings; online company and product searches; online survey data input and computation; development of the IRMA Source Directory database; consultation and recommendations on hardware and software purchases; installation of internetworking hardware and software solutions for IRMA headquarters."

Phillip E. Russo
Director of Operations