Publish and Flourish!

Powerful Web-based solutions keep your supplier, products or services directories up to the minute.

Now you can be sure that customers, prospects, employees and business partners always see up-to-the-minute information when they access your online directories.

Whether you use a desktop-scale application like Microsoft Access or a scalable enterprise-level database like Microsoft SQL Server, Crescent Technologies cutting-edge Web-based solutions let your staff easily synchronize your in-house maintained directories with your online database.

From address and telephone listings to more advanced applications such as accessing up-to-date service bulletin or MSDS data, your Crescent Technologies solution can help you build your business by maximizing the availability and accuracy of your published information.

Just a few mouse clicks is all it takes to keep your databases always in sync. You control the entire process from the convenience of your office PC or a PC anywhere in the world connected to the Internet.

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See How it Works

Test drive a LIVE Web Directory developed by Crescent Technologies.

Unlike with printed directories, Boolean searching gives your online audience online the power to locate information faster by defining unique searching criteria.

Directory results are displayed and customized based on your preference. You can easily track click-thru hits for a particular profile or Web link.

Your directory can display brief or extensive information - even entire printed pages. The choice is yours, depending on the needs of your business and of your Web site visitors. Applications include:

Corporate Contacts
Corporate Profile
Employee Directory
Press Release Archive
Product Catalog
Service Bulletin Updates
Inventory/Asset List
Photo Catalog
New Product News

Test drive a LIVE Web Directory developed by Crescent Technologies

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