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Use EASY REGISTER™ for your Online and On-site event registration needs
Web-based registration means attendees and exhibitors can register at their convenience, anytime. Registering online avoids manual re-entry, saves hundreds of staff hours, and eliminates costly data-entry errors. Easy Register™ supports both online and on-site event registration needs. Highlights include..
Benefits at a glance...
Benefits at a glance...
Benefits at a glance...
Benefits at a glance...

The Complete Customizable Online Registration Solution

Give members the ability to register online for events, and serve members all day, every day. Benefits at a glance...

Build and deploy state-of-the-art online event registration forms in as little as 15 minutes!

Powerful Web tools for online event registration -- anywhere, anytime.

Within EASY REGISTER™, the unique Event Wizard makes
designing professional-looking forms for online event registration fast and easy

Now any organization can easily set up an online event registration form and process registrations for events, conferences, board meetings, educational seminars, and more.

EASY REGISTER™ is entirely Web-based. All you need is a Web browser and Internet connection. Crescent Technologies maintains the required hardware and software infrastructure, and provides responsive technical expertise and service.

You don't need Web programming skills or expensive technical resources. The entire EASY REGISTER™ form-building process is done online through an easy-to-use, turnkey system.

With the EASY REGISTER™ Event Wizard, you simply choose the form elements you want attendees to see - such as name and address, registration package deals, special dietary requirements, or hotel reservations. The Event Wizard helps you to quickly arrange your choices for a professional online presentation. Include your logo or your event's unique design and color scheme to create a powerful online brand impression! Crescent Technologies EASY REGISTER™ supports secure credit card payment, as well as an unlimited number of fee options, so you have complete freedom to offer a wide variety of attendance package plans.

  1. Why Use the Web to Register for Events?
  2. Benefits
  3. Design Professional-Looking Forms Quickly and Easily with Templates & Wizards
  4. EASY REGISTER™ -The Complete Online Registration Solution
  5. Why Choose Crescent as your Technology Vendor?

1. Why Use the Web to Register for Events

  • Efficiency - Attendees input their reservation, contact, payment information and choice of fee packages at their convenience. No host organization personnel need to be present.
  • Savings - Attendee-initiated registration eliminates labor costs required for re-entering data, handling mail, faxes and checks.
  • Accuracy - Registration data entered online can easily be imported into the existing in-house event registration system, eliminating data entry errors.
  • Convenience - Attendees can register 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • One-step Satisfaction - Self-directed online registration is easy and fast attendees can complete the process quickly and accurately.

2. Benefits

  • Speed - The Crescent Technologies Event Wizard enables you to create an online registration form with custom fields and options in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Simplicity - If you can point and click, you can create professional-looking, custom-made online registration forms in just minutes with EASY REGISTER™. It's simple to learn, easy to use, and fast!
  • Unlimited Customization - Make your form the way you want it! Unlimited fee or "package deal" options, plus e-mail confirmation options. Upload your special graphics, logos or designs to create a powerful brand image.
  • Simple Administration - No need to build an expensive IT department or hire programmers. With EASY REGISTER, you can maintain or make changes to your forms anytime, anywhere.
  • Convenience - EASY REGISTER™ works for you 24x7, giving your members or attendees access to event registration at their convenience. You don't have to limit registration to office hours or maintain round-the-clock staffing!
  • Low Cost - You need no investment in hardware or software development. If you have an Internet connection and a Web browser, you're ready to use EASY REGISTER™.
  • Security - EASY REGISTER™ supports secure credit card payment, eliminating costly manual processing of credit cards. You have complete freedom to offer a wide variety of attendance package plans. EASY REGISTER™ uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to provide the highest level of protection for your registrants.
  • Reporting - No more waiting on registration status reports. EASY REGISTER™ provides event sponsors and meeting planners a variety of real-time, up-to-the-minute registration status reports.

3. Design Professional-Looking Forms Quickly and Easily with Templates & Wizards

  • No knowledge of html or Web programming required. Templates make it easy to design professional-looking online forms.
  • Everything is done with point-and-click simplicity, using Web-based "Wizards". Even if you've never designed a form before, you can get professional-looking results in just minutes!

4. EASY REGISTER™ - The Complete Online Registration Solution

Create an unlimited variety of online registration forms.
Customize your form with

  • Event-specific information such as event name and location.
  • Unlimited fee options including early bird, pre-registration and on-site registration fees. Fees will show/hide accordingly. Choose the order in which fees are displayed.
  • Unlimited educational functions or sessions to register for including name, date, time, price (if separate from event) and entree choices if meals are served. Choose the order in which functions/sessions are displayed.
  • E-mail or on-screen message text that registrant receives upon successfully registering for an event.
  • Your logo or event-specific artwork.

Additional capabilities

  • Update any validation table in the database, such as payments types, fee/billing matrix, Entrée types, etc.
  • Assign attendees to banquet tables in advance if needed.
  • Import event data into your in-house system for historic and other reporting.
  • Print badges for attendees on the spot or import data for printing in-house.
  • Produce timely registration status reports including rosters by functions, by fees paid, housing bureau reports, spouse registrations and more.
  • EASY REGISTER™ sends confirmations to registrants via email. Registrants without email may receive confirmation via regular mail or fax.
  • With EASY REGISTER™, member profiles can be pre-loaded in advance, so your members save even more time when registering online.

AND much more...

5. Why Choose Crescent Technologies as your Technology Vendor?

  • Guaranteed Uptime - We offer Crescent Technologies clients only leading-edge hosting equipment that's dependable, fast and responsive. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, Crescent Technologies guarantees 99% uptime.
  • Ready for Growth - Our server architecture is scalable, so we are ready to meet your expectations as your needs grow.
  • Backups - They're a must. We offer a range of needs-based backup alternatives, ready to grow with your growing online registration databases.
  • No Middlemen - Crescent Technologies developed the Online Event Registration System. We know it best. We maintain it, support it, and deliver outstanding client service.
  • Security - Your data privacy is our top priority. Click here to learn more about our privacy policy. As a Crescent Technologies client, you have unlimited, secure access to your data for reporting and downloading.

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