Smooth, Efficient Performance From Idea to Implementation

Whether you're at the earliest stages of planning for Web-enabling your business planning to modify or enhance an existing solution or if you're looking to build a highly customized online presence, Crescent Technologies delivers an efficient, cost-effective response, from start to finish.

Based on the level of your requirements, we can tell you:

What you need to Web-enable your business, what it will do for you, and how
    much it will cost to implement different stages.

How to improve your existing solutions to make them faster and more efficient,
    easier for people to use, simpler to maintain, easier to scale up.

How we can work together with you to develop an entirely customized solution
    that maximizes resource utilization while delivering cost-effective performance.

How carefully-crafted training may help to realize the full benefits of your
    existing solutions, without requiring costly revision or replacement of existing

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1. Analysis
2. Project Management
3. Application Prototyping & Design (Code & Test)
4. User Interface Design & Performance Tuning
5. Training Services
Data Conversion
7. Software Installation & Configuration

1. Analysis

Basic - Identification of your online goals and Web site requirements, providing
    the conceptual foundation for Web-enabling your business

In-Depth - Combines Basic Analysis Services with in-depth technical analysis to
    define the specific software, hardware and other technical requirements of a
    proposed online solution.

Proposal - Our proposal will include identification of project requirements,
    appropriate risk assessments, and the proposed solution or range of solutions.

2. Project Management

Initiation - We will meet with your designated staff to review the project's scope
    and perform an initial needs assessment.

Ongoing - We attend meetings with your technical and management personnel,
    provide regular project status reviews and updates, and we are available for
    consultation and support throughout the project's life cycle.

3. Application Prototyping & Design (Code & Test)

Prototyping is an ongoing process during which we review, install and test
    Crescent Technologies software on your system prior to delivering a fully
    tested and debugged product. Prototyping allows you to test system updates
    throughout the project cycle and confirm that they meet specified requirements.

Program Design (Coding and Testing): We customize software specific to your
    application requirements, and incorporate the customizations into your
    application. All Crescent Technologies custom development work includes
    quality assurance testing time.

4. User Interface Design & Performance Tuning

We identify software usability and performance-tuning issues to ensure the
    success of the end product. We review code and identify development
    bottlenecks, recommending alternative solutions that will improve performance
    and correct problems.

We examine the application's user interface and recommend usability
    enhancements so that users have the full advantage of the application's
    intended features and benefits.

5. Training Services for Client-developed Solutions

We provide application-specific training at your site or an offsite training facility.

We also provide individualized, one-on-one training.

6. Data Conversion

Based on our evaluation of the integrity, structure, format and size of your
    existing data, we work closely with you to complete detailed mapping charts
    that indicate where existing fields will be stored in the new system.

7. Software Installation & Configuration

We work to maximize performance efficiency by setup, configuration, performance
    tuning and testing of software and/or hardware solutions developed for use on
    your servers and workstations.

We recommend alternatives that will enhance application performance, either
    online or within your network.