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MTA Manager™ - Features at a Glance
Designed for Manufacturing Trade Associations

Modular solutions for non-profit organizations

Affordable membership management software developed with the help of non-profit and association executives. MTA Manager™ is a comprehensive, flexible and easy to customize solution for managing day-to-day membership information. Crescent Technologies solutions are modular, so you only use the components that fit your needs.

Solutions that provide a competitive advantage

Crescent Technologies solutions can help your association leverage Internet technology so you can focus on your core business and stay ahead of the competition. We do it by creating solutions that provide performance, speed, simplicity, ease of use, and rock-solid functionality.


  • Manage all association contacts – members, prospective members, customers, vendors, editors, other association, etc. – from a single database
  • Integration with order processing system
  • Flexible, user-defines tables for membership categories, contact designations, mailing lists, demographics, etc.
  • Generate reports in either print or spreadsheet format

Company Management more info...

  • Designate key individuals – CEO, Executive Voting Representatives, Technical Voting Representatives, Billing Contacts, Sales Representatives, Statistics Contacts - at the corporate level
  • Maintain publication information – Bacon’s Category, circulation, frequency of publication, advertising rate - for public relations program management
  • Maintain membership status information
  • Maintain corporate profile for all member companies including markets served, product profiles, trade names, primary business

Committee Management more info...

  • Manage standards development recordkeeping according to ANSI requirements
  • Balance committees/canvass lists by interest category
  • Manage committee rosters
  • Maintain archive of former committee members and terms of service
  • Designate committee members with voting privileges
  • Maintain record of committee purpose, scope, and deliverables
  • Generate canvass or ballot lists based on required areas of expertise
  • Track committee participation by company and/or individual

Contacts Management & Lead Tracking more info...

  • Search for contacts by name, company/association, contact type, geographic location
  • Group contacts for mailing lists and other user-defined designations
  • Track leads
  • Maintain notes on member and non-member contacts
  • Manage demographic fields
  • Target marketing by sales history, area(s) of interest
  • Maintain detailed member data – spouse’s name, golf handicap, emergency contact, etc.
  • Add/update contact data while processing sales orders or registering for events

Events Management more inefo...

  • Manage event and function setup
  • Manage event budget and room block status
  • Manage multiple tracks
  • Include/exclude attendees to a function by contact type
  • Manage staff assignments to functions
  • Manage speaker requirements and schedule
  • Assign registration fees by attendee type – member, non-member, spouse, etc.
  • Register attendee and his/her spouse/guest
  • Generate custom confirmation letter and events schedule
  • Tally costs against budget
  • Generate committee sign-in sheets
  • Track committee meeting registrations against quorum requirements
  • Track committee attendance
  • Generate user-defined meeting minutes template including attendees

To learn more about MTA Manager, call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at MTAManager@crescent-technologies.com

Our modular Association Management solutions offer:

Seamless integration with the Web! Web-based applications are built with the Web in mind!

Robust design, built with standard industry software tools such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Macromedia ColdFusion. Integrates with the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

Extensive reporting capabilities - powerful, yet simple to use.

Easy customization, to meet the most demanding needs.

Smart, real-world functionality, built with the input of executives at non-profit organizations.

To learn more about MTA Manager, call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at MTAManager@crescent-technologies.com

Easy to setup, Easy to use...

  • Easily navigate through various tabs to quickly locate additional member information.
  • Assign unlimited members per company.
  • Register members for unlimited events and maintain event history.
  • Maintain unlimited address, phone, fax, email, and Web site information for each member.
  • Intuitive search capabilities allow even the most non-technical users to easily find members in your database. An advance search interface allows you to conduct expanded Boolean searches.
  • Easily re-use existing company information for future members from the same company.
  • Hyperlinked email and Web addresses allow you to instantly communicate with members using your email client/Web browser

Why Choose Crescent Technologies

Only Crescent Technologies offers this unique combination of capabilities:

1.  Topnotch, fast, responsive support. Don't take our word for it - ask our clients.

2.  Corporate management that has worked in worlds of non-profits and associations, providing a firsthand understanding of client needs.

3.  Modern, reliable software technology, including world-class nonproprietary tools such as Macromedia™ ColdFusion®, Microsoft® Access and SQL Server.

4.  Customizable software, enabling clients to develop additional tables, forms, queries/view and reports.

5.  Clean, well-documented source code, enabling our designers to utilize proven software components in new projects, affording us a time and cost advantage. Why reinvent the wheel?

6.  A well-rounded, technically skilled organization that goes beyond association management software solutions to provide custom Web application development and Web hosting technologies. Crescent Technologies offers proven expertise and know-how to develop custom applications and internetworking solutions from the ground up, to meet the unique requirements and demands of our clients.

To learn more about MTA Manager, call (732) 322-2782 or e-mail us at MTAManager@crescent-technologies.com